night song

Golden moonlight  Jan 2014

my friend and I go down to the sea
casting our nets into the deep
darkness of the night sky
pulling in our catch of shimmering
stars as they fall heaped
on to our deck their voices
rise into song and we catch
the song and sing
together of the great black blueness
of the deep night sky and the great blue
blackness of the deep night sea
celestial and terrestrial
the song rises into the bowing trees
and the trees sing of stars and sky and sea
and shaking their thorny heads send the stars
falling from the deep dark sky into the deep dark sea
molten and glorious

summer morning magic

Solstice sunrise 2014

morning clouds smooth out the blued eyed sky
shaking out the nights wrinkled sheets of stars
and wandering constellations
lifting the heavy white curtains
of fragrant lilies
sending their fresh washed scent
across the dawning day
humid haze catches the mist
and the swallows hovering over the still water
in the summer meadow
dew spangled webs
glisten in the crystal light
soon invisible
the magic of a summer morning

Gathering Moonshine


stacked on the eastern ridge
cloud upon cloud upon cloud
a cozy featherbed for the lazy full moon
her glow drifts down
softest eider from her starry quilt
come and bring your best basket
we are off to the meadow
to gather the glimmering moonshine
and string the pearled beads
of opalescent constellations
to braid in our hair