Altar of Lost Things

Keys that unlock
long left locks and the wooden button
from my winter coat,
motherhood and children,
and one brown sock,
a friendship untended,
luggage loaned,
a father, a home,
an umbrella left on the train,
my grandmother’s brooch,
a favorite book, a tree covered lane.

Growing longer each year,
words and regrets,
lists of things lost,
unrecoverable, irretrievable,
bound vellum sets in
ink stained chains of script
words written between the lines
and around the margins
erased, glued, sewn,
thin and tattered,
so as not to forget.

I leave the long list upon the altar,
and lighting the candle,
the scent of rue and asphodel fill the air.

How many kinds of rain

How many kinds of rain

The warm spring rain
Soft against the window panes
The cold winter rain
Splotched with ice
Almost snow
The summer rain storm
Fierce and full of thunder
Leaving the dry summer leaves
Quivering in the wind
The warm winter rain
Breaking the chill of January
Bringing the mid winters thaw
The fall rain, gray and foggy
Mists rising through the falling leaves
And the rain
On the morning we met
And the rain
On the night
You left

Garden Dictation

May Garden 2013

Garden Dictation

Come, bring your pad
and a sharp pencil
Let’s see-
First there is soil and toads and pebbles
then a bit of shiny stuff
and pine bark
(can you smell the difference?)
Now, columbines, astilbe
(the wee ones called sprite)
daylilies, roses, hostas and hydrangeas
an odd yellow lily
(not sure when it arrived)
Are you getting this all down?
Don’t let the butterflies
interrupt your train of thought-
Next the moneywort,
lemon thyme, a bit of bind weed too,
and the ivys: English, birdsfoot,
the white splotched variegated creeper
Did I mention the ferns?
Painted, everdale and cinnamon
and this one that was dug
from the bank of the creek
Iris: butter yellow, midnight black,
sweet apricot and white edged grape
stiff daggers of leaves stand
to mind their place
Now where was I?
Cosmos, pinks, mums, and hollyhocks
violets, a dandelion or two
soft lambs ears and ghostly dusty miller
pale grey to light the shadows
against the deep dark green
Well, that is that..
Tomorrow, we shall count the trees.