The Lenten Season – I’m a Fan

Yes, I am a fan of Lent.
Really didn’t do the season of Lent in my growing up years. Our family was Southern Baptist and then Presbyterian, and I don’t remember Lent being a part of my church experience as a young person.
It really began when Bob and I joined a tiny Presbyterian congregation in Pea Ridge, Arkansas. At the time, the minister was a woman, my age, and she was very creative in her work with her church. I was dealing with my father’s death and my ‘dark night’, so having a vocabulary and a voice that I could understand, helped me work through my spiritual issues.
And Lent was a big part of this work for me. It helped me focus using the liturgy and ceremony of the season. Just stripping the church of decoration was meaningful and such a symbol in my personal life. The church would have small devotionals to use each year, with different themes and illustrations. I still have several of these and use them each year.
Having a specific time each year set aside to really consider self control, consumption, repentance and redemption can’t be a bad thing. It helps me be more attentive and intent in my personal actions.
Lent is always that time of year – the end of winter and the beginning of spring – the time of incremental and sometimes, astonishing growth from the earth. That, too, is an important symbol in my personal Lenten season. It reminds me to be patient and aware of growth, internally and externally.
So this too is a part of the course of our seasons. And I wish you a happy and fulfilling Lenten journey.