There Are Places I Remember……

Are you thinking of that Lennon McCartney tune, In My Life? I love that song – and that is what is playing in my head right now!

Anyway, I was thinking of places we visit every few years – the changes the years bring and the way they stay the same too. When Bob and I were first dating, we lived in Colorado and would drive up into the mountains just to see what we would find. One of our favorite stops was Silver Plume, a tiny nest of homes on the south facing slope just off of Highway 70. We would stop in at the local restaurant, have drinks and play a few games of pool. It was one of those little towns that strikes your imagination. We would choose houses that we could live in and we talk endlessly about how we would fix them up. A fantasy of what life would be like in a tiny Colorado town.
We come back every four or five years to visit friends and renew our love of the Rockies. And a visit to Silver Plume is always included in our few days in the mountains. Some years, there have been more shops. Once an art gallery in the old church was open. We bought a photograph of the picket fence directly across from the gallery. It hangs in our den today. There is a bakery that caters to the locals, with a bin of fresh made bread on the front stoop. Written on a blackboard next to the door is the type of bread, the cost and the golden rule. The restaurant hasn’t been open for a number of years, but we always drive by, just in case.

This little town still stirs our imagination. We still choose houses we would live in and talk about the ways we would make it ours. I walk to the bakery in my mind, to buy fresh warm loaves. We warm ourselves against the winter’s snow and wonder about the friends we would come to know in this tiny community.

These pictures were taken in Silver Plume. We were fascinated by the fence and thought the chairs were a clever idea!