rose colored glasses

I look at the afterlife
through rose colored glasses
cause why not

the heaven we wish for
is the heaven we get
and there is no hell

and the love you felt
from your mom and dad
from your wife
when you held your babies
the time the guitar lick
cause the room to hush
then set it on fire

all that is just a whisper
of what you will feel
when you inhale here
and exhale

I dreamt a boat…

Florida Sunrise

I dreamt a boat of wood and peg
Set sail on a glassy sea.
Its hull so course it would not slip
Into the water free.
Its mast cast o’er the waters edge
And would not wind receive.
It left me there not far from shore
Against the coraled reeves.

Come save me, sir! I called ashore,
And let me walk with you once more.
But turning from my gaze, you left,
To sail alone heartbroken, bereft.

My tiller strikes the freshening wind
Catching sails billowing to send
This pale ship gliding from cloud to moon
To drift away in sky festooned
By starry lights aglowing.

So I set sail in celestial light
Tacking my vessel into the welcome night,
Set free in cresting waves of foam
To sail to my final gleaming home.

Harp Lessons

Should I lay down my head
And in the morning not get up,
I will not care.
People will cry
And gnash their teeth
And tear out their hair.
I will not care.
I will be sitting on a cloud.
People will say things
That should not be said
Things will be said
That should be,
I will not care.
I will be sitting on a cloud
Maybe taking harp lessons.
I will not care
If the bills do not get paid
If the bed is not made
If the cat is not fed
I will not care
Should I lay down my head.