Indulging in More Love Poems

A new poem for the week of our 31st anniversary. Here’s to marriages- old and new!

The Geology of Marriage

Our eons hidden under the topography
geography of the day to day
years compressed into striations
of lives lived
The igneous layer of crystallized need
eroded  and reformed
creating the colorful promontories
etched by the wind
hieroglyphic memories
painted in the exposed rock
In the sedimentary layer
where old fossils
of hurts and frustrations
are buried
Bones of contention
Waiting to be re-formed
to make the arguments
whole again.
Digging to the metamorphic  core
where we were changed
by the fire
of our first passion
The center
the magma
the heat
where we return
to be changed
and changed
and changed again