My friend, Pete

Pete and Bob

Christmas at the Black Horse 2013 2

My friend, Pete Gleason, has left this world and is on to his next adventure. I am bereft that he has left so soon.

Pete was an extraordinary musician, guitar player, song writer. Always with his shaker tied to his foot giving beat to the small drum box, his pork pie hat at a jaunty angle, he would launch into a rouser that would have everyone whooping along. We all knew so many of his songs by heart, our voices would raise, becoming his choir of acolytes. He had a gift that moved people to laughter and tears. Everyone who knew him wanted to sit in when he played, hoping some of his magic would rub off.

He was also one of the best fishermen, really.
“While fishing from the Missouri shoreline of Bull Shoal Lake on the night of February 8, 1991, angler Pete Gleason caught one of the biggest walleye ever recorded by the IGFA – a 8.98-kilogram (19 pounds, 13 ounces) beast has held the men’s 4-kilogram (8 pound) line class world record ever since.

At about 10 PM, Gleason hooked the fish, which he originally thought was a striped bass, after it hit the live minnow he had on for bait. After about 15 minutes, Gleason and his friends were able to get a glimpse of the fish with their flashlights, and realized it was a huge walleye – not a striper.

Gleason backed off the drag and skillfully played the fish for another 20 minutes before he could finally slide the tired fish onto the bank. The fish was weighed 30 hours later and is estimated to have weighed more than 20 pounds at the time of capture.”

His talents were not just music and fishing but he was also a master carpenter, skilled and artistic. His projects shine – as I can personally attest. He gave me the most beautiful kitchen and bathroom I have ever seen.

Pete loved his children and was so proud of them. They were the apples of his eye.

Most of all, he was a loving, dear friend, whose strong hugs I will miss until we meet again.

rose colored glasses

I look at the afterlife
through rose colored glasses
’cause why not

the heaven we wish for
is the heaven we get
and there is no hell

and the love you felt-
from your mom and dad,
when you fell for your wife,
when you held your babies,
brought in that fish,
the time the guitar lick
caused the room to hush
then set it on fire-

all that is just a whisper
of what you will feel
when you inhale here
and exhale

I love you, Pete.

*The fishing info was from


Early Spring morning storm clouds

is it irony
this leaving of cold dark winter
into the light of spring
just as he learns of the darkness in his body
and the radiation that will slow its journey
into spring
and his lessened future.

is it mercy
this praying for his life, his light
we have nothing to sacrifice other
than the burnt offering that he will become
under the merciless eye of
the ticking machine
and his lessoned future

love and friendship are our only traveling mercies
as he journeys into the spring of his foreseeable future

Psalm 51:15-17 Lent 2019

A good friend begins his journey. We are walking with him on his path as far as we can. We love him so and ask for mercy.

An Answer to My Poem “Green”

I posted a poem titled ‘Green’ a few days ago and this morning received this from a friend in Denver.

Can we do one called Snow or White?


its all snow
is that snow ?

and that?
so all that white is snow?
because its April

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Needless to say we are suppose to have more SNOW to night.

Thanks, Sharon. I hope spring comes to Colorado soon! Love you!

The Company of Women


I seek the company of women
The understanding of knowledge
Deep in the history of our cells.
The changing face of the moon
Phasing from light to darkness
To fullness again
Round, ripe and mellow.
Holding in our bodies the process of change
Sisters of fruit and seed
With hushed wisdom of ancient mothers
We coven and cloister and coffee together.

Faithless Friend

Faithless Friend

Love never ends, you know.
Though we do not speak
And will avert any glance
If we should ever meet
Faithless friend.
Lightning striking,
A friendship forged
Over time, not in steel,
But iron pyrite,
Fools gold.
Confidences thought kept
Found to be worthless fodder
For amusements of others.
And then the shrug
Of a cold shoulder
Where once hot tears
Were shed, and imagined
Comfort found.
Not so,
As the grief
Of a broken vow
Pain gave way to forgiveness
(not asked for but freely given).
So released,
Faithless friend,
With a reminder-
Love never ends
And still remains,
And will forever, faithfully.