seven times seven

They wish to take some time,
if the room is still available,
for words and thoughts
to congeal-
the way left fallow.

Fields undone as last night’s argument.

Each shall return to the place of their beginning.
Manumission of the indentured souls
shall be relieved of their suffering.
Sewing not the ruptured,
sowing not the fields, emptied.

Fields undone as last night’s wrath.

The decisions to be made
will make each aware
of the secrets and courage which
brings justice to the birds
on the verge of the turned earth.

Fields undone as last night’s tears.

Shout jubilee!
All debts are forgiven,
all fields left fallow,
in the year of seven times seven.

Burned Bridges

Burned Bridges

Self reflection doesn’t become me
It gets lost in weeds of regret and yesterdays
That cannot change
No matter the tears
Branches off in petty arguments
With a younger visage
Who did this or such
Before I could change her path
I know why each thought was thought and why
Each river was forded before
The burned Bridges
With not a care for those left in the eddies
Of marsh grasses and cattails
Awareness of self with all ego
And subterfuge
Understanding each calculated deception
And artifice
Takes too much
And more than is possible