the color of stillness

that is the color I have chosen.
the heartbeat of the morning,
the breath of the evening.

The evening you and I walked the gravel path
to the shore of the once mighty river,
now moving in its ancient course
far under the placid stillness of the lake’s surface.
The evening you and I inhaled the breath of sweet grass
as it exhaled into the night’s beginning.

Stillness –
the early morning hours when you lay sleeping-
your breath, my heartbeat.
Dawn’s faint heartbeat of light
until the first birdsong-
the exhalation of daybreak’s stillness.

That is the color I have chosen
for you to paint the walls of our bathroom-
the color of stillness.

*** Well, yes, it would have been more romantic if it were the bedroom or any other room in the house! smiles – But it is the final stage of our long process of remodeling our bathroom (well, my bathroom 🙂 )
I will post photos when complete – with towel racks and pictures on the walls. It is beautiful and I am so grateful to Pete Gleason (Parabalas Pete – wonderful musician and friend) and my husband for their hard work creating this beautiful room for us (me!).