When an angel appears to me,
I’m pretty sure I will have questions.

I will say
What do you mean?
What are you saying?
And then I’m pretty sure
I will lose my voice
like Zechariah.
I will be left mute
until it comes to pass.

Or like Jacob,
I will wrestle my angel
until I am left with a limp
and maybe a name change
and hopefully a blessing.

But when that angel shows up
and says
Fear not,
I want to be fear-less.
I want to live my life
and fear not whatever comes.

Today, I will pray for
ferocity of fearlessness
and be ready to roar
whenever that angel shows her face.

Second Sunday of Advent

Fear Not

Angel of Bluebirds

Fear Not

My footsteps, muffled in the frigid morning,
break the icy crust
of the nights snow.

I scatter offerings to the winged creatures
as they perch in the fragrant evergreen boughs-
with bright eyes, they watch me.

As I turn to go back in the warm house,
celestial voices are lifted in song
and the sound of wings echo in the air.

His voice on the phone
sounds strong
and brave.
The stem cell transplant
is scheduled
for the new year
with word
that an angel will appear
to watch over him-

fear not.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings… Luke 2:10

*** This was written several years ago before my brothers stem cell transplant. He continues to do well, is still in a chemo routine that will be a part of his life, but he is living his life without fear.

Angel Visitation II

Just what I need
A messenger on official business.
Full of feathers and light,
This angel won’t take no for an answer.

God knows
I haven’t been to the mailbox in months
-mail phobia-
A glimpse of the mailtruck
puts knots in my stomach,
a choke hold on my throat.

And, now, here is a celestial envelope
An angel with a knowing smile,
All shiny and expectant.
I take the heavenly missal,
open the flap,
pull out the divine card
And read…