Sea Glass


we walked the sand
as the tide moved away
looking for colored glass,
sea blue, sail white, golden amber,
the palest of green

yes, he said,
bits of flotsam
from ancient ships,
crystalline ships that once sailed
under gossamer wings,
their hulls of finest quartz and amethyst
sparkling in the sun
clear as the seas on which they moved.
under full sail,
they were an enchanting sight
moving across the cerulean waters
in the clear light of day-
ahhh, but at night,
the reflection of stars
glistened across the shimmering deck
lighting the ships with an internal spark-
my, it would have been a sight to see.
but now,
all that is left
of the great crystalline ships
that once sailed the clear blue seas…

and he handed me a shard of sparkling sea glass,
the palest of greens

*** with thanks to Leovi for the sparkling artwork – so beautiful and enchanting