A Walk Around the Cove

It is such a beautiful afternoon after the past couple of cold, raw days, we just had to get out and hike around the cove. There is not much color yet, but it is still a little early. And there is just no way to know if we will have a pretty fall or not, after our terribly hot and dry summer.
I found a few things to show you as we wandered around. Seems that the poison ivy is making the prettiest display  – still wouldn’t advise bringing it home for an autumn bouquet!






























A Study in Gray – Table Rock Lake

It is a gray and dark morning, but there is still a calm beauty about this time of year. The landscape may appear to some to be stark, but the vista is open to more of the lake.
I really love winter and enjoy these gray days. My birdfeeder was also a study in gray, black and white this morning. It was crowded with the drabbly dressed goldfinches in their winter coats, titmice, chickadees and the elegant nuthatch. The only touch of color was the spot of red on the head of the downy woodpecker.
Another view in the course of our seasons!

Ephemeral Rabbit Frost

Our hard freeze finally arrived early this morning. And with it came one of my favorite gifts of the season – rabbit frost.
The frost is formed when the moisture in the stems of the grasses and weeds is frozen and then is squeezed thru the membranes of the plant. It causes a delicate sheet of ice to burst thru and curl around the stems.
I have seen frost form huge roses of curls. This happens especially if it is an early freeze and there is more moisture in the plants.
If you try to touch the rabbit frost, it will shatter like shaved ice and will disappear as soon as the sunlight hits it.

I am sorry that these photos don’t show the delicacy of the frost.

It is one more of the beauties of the course of our seasons.

Rainy November Morning

It’s a rainy day  but warm. A cold front is due this evening or early tomorrow, so will enjoy the warmer temps today.

Saw the big buck on my way up the ridge this morning and the two fawns that are now out of their spots. It is such a thrill to begin the day with these beautiful creatures.

The chipmunks were busy with chasing each other early this morning. Enjoying the warmer temperatures too, I bet. They know that the little dens are filling up with acorns and sunflower seed for the cold nights coming. So they will play and chase and tumble with each other while they can.

Another day in the course of our seasons!

Autumn Colors

The Ozarks are experiencing a spectacular fall – the colors have been just astonishing. And considering the weird weather we had most of the year, October has been the highlight of 2011.

These pics don’t do it justice, but if you have the opportunity, take a walk through the woods. It is one of those Octobers that make you fall in love with this area.