Standing in Line at the Dollar General

A short meeting,
just the time spent in line,
she is buying two cans
of soup, off brand.
Apologizing, she counts out her pennies,
I smile and say ‘No problem-How’s your day?’
‘Oh, I’m worried about my boy.’
‘Well, boys are something to worry about.’
‘Yes, I fear he is headin’ to prison-
I caught him drinkin’ again last night
and when they catch him driving…
I worry he will follow his brother to the grave.’
As she turns to leave, I touch her arm,
‘I’ll pray for him.’

And I do-
For him
And her
And for all us sinners
Now and at the hour of our death.


Fear Not

Angel of Bluebirds

Fear Not

my footsteps, muffled in the frigid morning,
break the icy crust
of the nights snow with each step

I scatter offerings to the winged creatures
as they perch in the fragrant evergreen boughs-
with bright eyes, they watch me

as I turn to go back in the warm house,
voices are lifted in song
and the sound of wings echo in the air

his voice on the phone
sounds strong
and brave
the stem cell transplant
is scheduled
for the new year
with word
that an angel will appear
to watch over him-
fear not.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings… Luke 2:10

*** Dear friends, As my brother faces this next challenge, I ask for your prayers, good thoughts and positive energy. My prayer is that he continues to receive excellent care, continues to respond to the treatment and that he lives a long and happy life. Thank you, Kathleen