dragons on a summers day

Dragonfly garden 5-18-14

it is still July but the season has changed
and rabbits have had their way with my garden
raping and pillaging as they went
a castle over run
and I am left a distressed damsel
after the dragon has lost interest
and flown away
leaving only singed bones
of caladiums and daisies

such is a fairy tale from a summer afternoon
when the air has softened
and summers heat has turned down a notch
and the only dragons in the garden
fly on gossamer wings
schooling thru the soon to be autumn

Once Upon a Time…

garden gnomes-
dressed in yellow slickers-
help hide the bumblebees from the rain
carrying hosta leaf umbrellas-
garden imps shake the raindrops –
from the foxglove blooms
fairies in rain gear-
tromp thru the garden –
rescuing the tiny sodden blossoms
rivers flooded –
bridges washed out-
where do the trolls go?