Waiting for the Shift Change

the broom bristles as I enter the kitchen,
giving me a look like you wouldn’t believe
leaning so casually by the open door.
platters and plates peek from the cupboard,
rattling nervously as the bubbles burst in the sink
where the pails are filling with soapy water.
wooden chairs tap their feet
as if they had somewhere to go-
straightening their backs
when I glance in their direction.
each dish, broom and chair
hums a tune
watching for a shadow in the hall
where, with mop and bucket in hand,
I wait on the stair
for the next apprentice to clock in.

*** a take on the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the wonderful old Disney classic for the dVerse prompt.

MidLife Mouse – A Great Summer Book!

There are a few authors whose books I’m not allowed to read in bed. Basically because I wake my poor husband up to read him hilarious passages or my loud gaffaws disturb his sleep. Bill Bryson, Fannie Flagg, Garrison Keillor – their books are all relegated to the den. And now I add one more, Wayne Franklin and his wonderful book, Midlife Mouse.
Franklin has filled his book with Southern charm, wry wit and wonderfully quirky characters. His town of Decent Chance, Alabama, on Mobile Bay, has all the realism of a small Southern community with just enough strange characters that really might not be all that odd in any small town.
Franklin has created a loving, eccentric, true to life family in the Durmers, with all the day to day drama that family brings.
Then to top that, we are shown a fantasy Disney World populated with cabals of wonderfully imagined legacies and destinies. And we happily follow Bill Durmer on the summer vacation he wasn’t quite prepared for! It is hilarious, touching and just a darn good read!
I hope that Franklin will bring us more adventures from Decent Chance and the Bill Durmer clan.
This is a perfect summer selection for your vacation reading. But you might not be allowed to bring it to bed!