Small Stones 32/2013

Feb - deer
beautiful in their winter coats-
color of the February fields-
white tail deer

Feb deer 2

As I was heading up the ridge to work this morning, this little band of deer was in the road. They jumped up and stayed in the brush for the longest time. I was able to get my camera out of the bottom of my purse, untangle myself from the straps and take a few photos. The deer in front turned and walked several steps toward the car. Very curious. Not a good trait in a deer!

Small Stones 13/2013

Winter Deer
each night, on the way down the ridge toward home – our fellow commuters – white tail deer

OK, I know – but I never have my camera ready to show you all the deer I see on the way home! So, this is a photo of our table in the living room- these deer just come out for a winter tabletop display. Both sets of brass deer were from the home of my Allen grandparents in Crossett, AR.

Cold Morning at the Lake


It’s a beautiful cold morning, no frost yet, but soon. It is past the normal time for our first freeze, so we know it is just a matter of time.

Four deer crossed my path as I drove up the ridge this morning. I could see their breath as they huffed at each other to run into the brush. They are moving now with the rut season and we will have hunters out in the woods along the road soon. Makes me sad to know that they will be hunted in these trees, but we will always have fawns in the Spring too. Just another part of the course of our seasons.