The Irony of April

First Daffodil

The Irony of April

Surrounding herself with daffodils and wearing woolen socks
She sits in her sunroom
Watching the snowflakes fall
Wrapped in gossamer and heavy cashmere sweaters
She sings a robins song
Whistling the tune of peepers and mudpuppies
She rocks to the sound of the north wind
As it rattles the frosted windowpane
And shakes the pollen sugared cedars
At her dancing and mud booted feet
Scattered piles of stacked
Seed catalogues and dusty novels
Wrinkled faded forms
With penciled in blanks
Orders for fields of sunflowers
Waiting for the soil to warm
Under the sleet covered ground

Stone County Spring

Dang if she did’n run off
That gal-
Looks so sweet and all
But she can traipse down the ridge
And disappear quicker ‘n a wild hog
Left me here
Cryin’ in the ice and snow
And jes look at them poor old daffs
Layin’ down liken they was dead
But she’ll be back, I reckun
Yep, no doubt about it
She’ll saunter in here
Lookin’ all innocent
And fresh as a new born calf
Smellin’ of lilacs and dog roses
With a circle of sweet grass in her hair
You bet she’ll be back
Actin’ like she had no idea
We was lookin’ for her
Spring – oh, yeah, she’ll be back.

Small Stones 18/2013

Daffodil shoots in Jan

warm southern breeze –
whispers to the treetops –
spring will be here soon
old oaks stretch and yawn-
wiggling their deep rooted toes –
is it time to wake up?
each year –
promises made and kept –
spring will return

Its not all that unusual to see the daffodil shoots this time of year and since we really haven’t had any winter weather to speak of this year or last, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see these in the garden today. But it was a nice gift of the seasons as I helped my mom to the car – errand day today!

Daffodils in Jan garden