Small Stones 13/2015

Theodore Valentine Everett

Such a clear night – first one in ages – and taking our pup out for his final stroll of the night, the stars are just glorious.
How brilliantly they sparkle, these ancient suns. So bright, their cold light seems to cast shadows across the dark winter landscape.
I wish I could photograph the sky and show you. But a picture of a sweet boy will have to do – Theodore Valentine is his name.


Moonlight on Cove


Gaze on ancient brothers,
galaxy sky dancing,
graced by mythos and
gloried tales of old Rome.
Glistening twins, long dead,
guard our own nights sky and
gibbous October moon.


Onyx sky above us,
offering cold bright stars
opulent in their glory.
Only for us are these
obliged to sparkle-
ordered by heavens
own heroic hunter.

*** For dVerse Meeting the Bar prompt from Vandana Sharma. She brings us a new form “Pleiades” which was invented in 1999 by Craig Tigerman. It consists of seven lines, each line starting with the same letter as the title. The title is a single word.