on waking from a dream of rivers


tangled in filament
fishing lures weighted down by memory
and forgetfulness

I ramble thru the weeds and rushes
counting damsel fly wings
and catfish whiskers

haze draws blue against the fragrant cedars
the color of frost in the heat of the morning

and my skin smells of fish scales
and my hair, the wildness of the rivers glory

the road is too dusty so
I follow maps drawn by dragonflies
cartography etched in delicate wings

the waters coursing
blood veined tributaries
ebbing and rising
ventricles and aortas
scribed deep blue across the parchment

and my skin smells of mussel shells
and my hair, the glory of the rivers wildness

*** I have been dreaming almost every night recently, of rivers and moving water. Thought this interpretation was interesting and hit pretty close to home.

‘Rivers – Rivers symbolize your journey in life whether its physical or spiritual one. If the river water is flowing fast it can mean rapid changes might occur soon. It is also possible that you feel out of control in your life and need to slow down. If the river is calm and peaceful it means being comfortable with the changes in your waking life.’ DreamDictionary.org