Our Resident Flock of Canadian Geese

We went down to the lake this afternoon – the temperatures are in the 30s – so we thought we would get some sun. We weren’t the only ones who thought it was a good idea to get out and about. We met our resident flock of canadian geese¬†swimming on the cove.

We see this flock floating in the water throughout the year. In the early spring, they will walk up from the cove to feed in our yard. Once the babies hatch in the early summer, we are treated to the parade of goslings Рproud parents showing off their offspring.

Then in the fall, when the huge flocks of geese come into the lake on their way south, our geese welcome their visiting cousins. Theres a whole lot of honking going on, morning and evening.

Its wonderful to share our lives with these beautiful creatures in the course of our seasons.