Views of an Ozark October Afternoon

That, my dear friend, is my drive home from work this week. The first two photos were taken on the top of the ridge where I pulled into a farm drive. The rest are taken on the road down the ridge to our house. It had just started raining and the colors were sooooo vivid. I would have taken more but my camera quit!
The last week has just been breathtakingly beautiful. It makes me fall head over heels in love with this region, all over again!
I hope you are enjoying your part of this gorgeous world as I send you these pictures of mine!

Thoughts on the Storm

sounds of chain saws and bulldozers
heavy equipment moving piles of what once were homes
spring cleaning


hands of friends reaching out in love and hospitality
a community of good becoming great
rebuilding begins


spring whispers
don’t worry, all will heal, all will rebuild, all will be well
clean up begins after the storm

Storm Warning – A Night in the Basement

We are fine.
The sirens went off at 1:00 am so Bob and I grabbed the dog, went down to the basement, where we met Mom, who had been awakened by the hail. Storm was bad but could tell that we weren’t in danger.
It skipped across the lake, due east of us, and the tornado hit the Kimberling City, MO area. Pretty extensive damage to homes, condos, the Inn and the two marinas. Then the tornado headed east to Branson, touched down on to the 76 strip (the theater and restaurant district). It hopped and skipped along the strip, taking a few roofs and upper floors of motels with it. Power poles were a tangled mess down 76. Went through a residential area, on to the historical downtown, then across the lake to Mt Branson.
The good news is, locally, only a few minor injuries, though there were two reported fatalities in the region. And, once the power lines are back up and the debris is cleaned up, it won’t look that bad. We are very fortunate.
You can see pictures at
After Joplin last year, I don’t fool around with these storms. As soon as I hear those sirens, we are in the basement. And I would like to remind you that the spring may bring us all violent storms and I ask that you have a plan in place, where to go and be safe. Get a weather radio and make sure you have all those things that we all know we should have – flashlight, batteries, water, valuables, insurance papers – where you can reach them in an emergency.
It is so much better to be safe than sorry.

So this too is part of the course of our seasons! Be safe, my friend!

Christmas Eve Eve

Its a bright, sunny COLD day this Christmas Eve Eve. We have a holiday today and Monday, so it is a treat to have all this time ahead of us. This evening will be one of our traditional Christmas activities – out for Mexican food at Little Hacienda in Hollister, MO and then into Branson to see the Christmas lights display.
The picture of the ornaments has our newest, front and center. It’s the first we have seen of a flop eared Schnauzer – just like our most loved LuLu.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and it is filled with joy for you and yours!