I think we need more sugar….

The air has been filled with the sounds of zooming wings and chittering voices for the past month. It seems we have had quite a fledgling class of hummingbirds and everyone is celebrating at the feeders!

I have been using 12-16 lbs of sugar a week just to keep two of the feeders filled – refilling 2-3 times a day.

And we had one night of marauding raccoons who climbed up the screen and tore down one of the feeders. Luckily, the feeder was not damaged, just pieces scattered all over the yard. Now, after dark when all the fat little hummers are rubbing their round little bellies and bedding down for the night, I bring the feeders onto the porch to keep them safe from the masked bandits. And in the mornings, when I am awakened by the sound of very demanding voices outside my windows, I return them to their hangers while ducking the dive bombing little emerald jet powered creatures.

What a joy they are – and sooner than we know, they will have packed their bags and hitching a ride on the southbound geese, head to Central America for a nice winter vacation in the tropics. Pretty smart!