the angel of ephemeral beauty


Such light and lightness reveal
as thru a mirrored day, sparkled
and triumphant.
What hear the song
from tiny bird in bough?
What shadow deep it springs?
Will light it brings
in melody and charm,
display the wings to rise upon?
What lightness!
What glory a December day,
all sparkled with song and sun.

the angel of small, forgotten things

Twelve Days of Angels Day One

I found that thing which had been lost.
Though to be honest,
I hadn’t realized it was lost.
In fact,
I had not thought of it in the least
for …
I have no idea how long.
But there it was-
in all its glory.
The thing that had been lost
or misplaced
or forgotten
was here.
In my hand.
It was now remembered.
A memory attached.
To always be that thing
that had been lost,
now found.

Buttermilk Sky

Buttermilk Sky

The bright winter sky is dappled with high clouds
The color of butter
The light and shadow play across the landscape
Light then dark
Then light

A dark shadow comes across my brow
And the grief returns to my heart
Though our lintel was marked
With lambs blood
Blessed with prayer
Adorned with mirrors
The dark angel still came
Her beauty, awful,
As she sat at our table
And the losses became uncountable
I wonder still when she will return,
Because, oh yes, she will return
Or perhaps, she is just waiting
Sitting on my porch step
Waiting for another shadow to form

My face again is in sunlight
The dappled clouds moving away from the sun
Casting shadows on the winter landscape
Bright in the buttermilk sky.