the journey has been overwhelming
the road long and arduous
with pitfalls
and wrong turns taken
only to double back
to crossroads and bad directions

maps scribbled quickly
on the back of my hand
and instructions
both kindly given and some
not so much

straight and narrow paths
stumbling blocks and rocky roads
have led me here
right now
to a place
if not smooth
at least well paved with good intentions

I will release this burden
kick off these dusty boots
and rest here for a while


at the holidays
the feasting begins in November
and lasts until that second day
of the new year

tempting treats and rich sauces
desserts, candies, breads,
gratins, casseroles, roasts
of turkey, beef and ham

each meal, an event
a fest, a ritual of love abundant,
gifts of indulgence and splendor
on china and gilt edged bowls

we thank our family and friends
nourishing those souls
with love overflowing
from heavy laden tables

Nourish our souls we pray
from Your table
set simply
with Everlasting Love.


its that tiny little spark
that had not been a flame
for so many years

grief and sadness had taken their toll
and the idea of joy
could not be held in my heart

it seemed impossible
no kindling or match to strike
it into flower

the ember guttered and went cold

but somehow
this year
a new wind has come up
breathing that cold ash
into a glowing hint
of tiny flame

just enough to warm my hands