On a Spring Day

April Garden 2 2013

On a spring day,
there never was a winter.
A spring day lives fully now and not in the least bit
a worrier or a clock watcher.
No, a spring day wakes
fully realized, its concept concrete and never wavering-
except in the warm southern breeze
that lightly bends the awakening plants,
giving their infant limbs and shoots
greening strength and resiliency
to climb to the sunny peak
of a glorious summers day.

A spring day lives its life
to the fulsome hour-
never squandering a moment in planning
or making a list of things to do.
No, a spring day knows that whatever it is doing
right this minute,
is the most important thing in the world
to honey bees
and hummingbirds
and the moon faced calves that saunter and sway
to a lilting spring chorus
of peepers
and bullfrogs.