the more things change, the more things stay the same

The rains come
and go,
just like you would know.

The sun rises and sets,
sparking color across the sky.
There are bird songs
and dragonflies
and apple trees
and brambles
of blackberries draped
on wire fences.

Roses bloom in the graveyard,
dipping their heads on the stones.
And honeysuckle confounds the bees
dancing for their supper.

The constellations drift
across the deep blue sky
as the bright planets
move from evening to morning,
day to week,
month to year.

There are
wars and rumors of wars,
plagues and disasters-
the rich just get richer
and the rest of us-

we do what we always have done
from the beginning of time.

We love and help,
feed and clothe,
take care of our own
and those that have no one else,
we take care of them too.

And the rains,
they come
and go-
they come and go.