A Day in the Life

The Beatles tune keeps running thru my head –
“I read the news today, oh boy.”
over all the talking heads
and well groomed, earnest readers.
“And though the news was rather sad
Well I just had to laugh.”

Feeling lucky to have the satellite company
that’s feuding with Ted Turner-
leaving a block of channels
(ordinarily filled with opinion and conjecture
dressed up as NEWS)
just not there.

Sweet relief-
no news is good news.
We cuddle in the chill autumn air
watching breaking news-
wild geese descend onto the still waters of the cove.
Film at eleven.

“I’d love to turn you on”

** A Day in the Life by McCartney, Lennon and Harris.

April- to do list

To do list

Birdsong (alarm clock with no snooze)
Shower and dress (consider the lilies)
Meditation (breath is everything)
Lose Patience (gain perspective)
Meet auctioneer (commerce and its downside)
Picnic (a loaf, a jug and thou)
Deposit cash in bank (commerce and its upside)
Move snapping turtle (fellow traveler)
Pay bills (choreography of need)
Walk hill (mother and child)
Spy tadpoles (demi-gods of change)
Find Hope (interruption of grace)
Weed azalea bed (enlightenment then weeding)
Dinner (nourishing body and soul)
Starlight (nightlight)
Frog chorus (lullaby)
Sleep (perchance to dream)