Feb Bluebird

Sing for your supper and sing thru your pain,
Sing for the little girl that lives down the lane.

Sing for the clouds and the waving oak trees,
Sing for the flowers and the busy buzzin’ bees.

Sing a song of courage for those that pay the cost,
Sing a song for the wanderers who all seem so lost.

Sing a song for children in all their innocent ways,
Sing a song of winter nights and bright spring days.

Sing for the sad and sing for the poor,
Sing for the dead who don’t worry anymore.

Sing for the lovers and sing for the saints,
Sing for the good and for the rest of us that aint.

A Treatise on Breakfast a Few Days before the Autumnal Equinox

Night steals a bit more daylight
as the earth edges towards the autumnal equinox
and my balance
begins to be a bit more steady
standing on my head
while balancing an egg
on its point.
Not really sure
what’s the point of that exercise
but the rooster crows a little later each morning
as we rise and shine into a new dawn –
all things equal
and balanced
and I think we’ll have scrambled today.
How do you like your toast?