heron wings

Blue Heron by Gary Dorland

Early morning fog obscures the eastern ridge,
holding the dawning sun at bay-
resting its gray blanket across the still waters,
soft as the color of heron wings.

Warm fog obscures the bath’s mirror-
holding the real world at bay.
Resting your face against my neck-
softly our hair entwines, the color of heron wings.

*** for imaginary garden with real toads 55 word prompt and poets united poetry pantry

The Holly and the Ivy

Dec snow 2013
pewter painted sky
streaked by swirling flakes
landscape softened by drifts of solstice snow
obscured palette of sepia tones
grayed bark with browned limbs
thorny holly entwined by tender ivy
symbols of life in the midst
of certain death
ivy twisted holly crown
to wear in the winters dance
renewing the world
evergreen and evermore