Farewell to 2012 and Forward to 2013!

Florida Sunrise

The list of things endured in 2012 is too long and sad. So lets detail the wonderful and beautiful memories of the past 12 months.

Our beautiful Sarah earned her PHD in Chemistry from Washington University in St Louis, went to work for ExxonMobil in Houston and she and her husband, Kevin, have just moved into their new house!
We were thrilled to be a witness to the touching and beautiful wedding of Ben and Brandy Reed in Colorado, where the bride’s colors were pink, pink and glitter! They are both teachers in the Denver area and a strong and happy couple. We rejoice in their happiness.
Our beautiful Bethany, my brothers oldest daughter, married her beloved Dave Manning in Daytona Beach, FL in September. And what a gorgeous bride and handsome groom! Our family celebrated in style at a gorgeous peacock inspired reception on a breathtaking evening. We are so proud of the happy couple and rejoice in their happiness too.
We reconnected with our beloved nephew, Joshua Bodwell. He has grown into a charming and talented man. We are so proud of him and so grateful to have had a chance to visit with him in September.
Many in our family found new jobs this past year and are happily settling into those new routines.
My mom has had a stretch of good health this fall and winter. And enjoyed seeing her family all at the Thanksgiving table together.
My brother, Frank, has continued to improve and respond well to his chemotherapy, with high hopes that his numbers will soon prove that he is in remission.
Bob bought a new truck this fall of which he is mighty proud!
And he and I celebrated 31 years of marriage this summer. An accomplishment and no small feat!

I have continued to write and have published posts often in the year. Some I have been happy with and a few I have been really happy with. And on a couple of occasions, they were as close to being what I meant to say as I could possibly get – and those I am very proud of.
I have met astonishing people through this odd medium of communication. I have made friends and been held and supported during those times when I needed to be propped up. I have seen photographs of places I have never been and would have never visited except through the wonderful talented people who take the time and effort to post their unbelievably creative work on their blogs. I have read beautiful work, essays and poems, that have knocked me out of my chair and my complacency, have brought me to tears and laughter, and moved me to reach higher and farther in my own little way.

So these lights have led me to the years end. I will not turn and look over my shoulder, for I know I would turn to salt. Time to move forward, with thanks and hopes for a better day.
Happy New Year! Here’s to 2013!