vernal moon

April Moon 2014

I like to sleep in a dark room
and there is nowhere dark tonight
with that great vernal moon moving about the night sky.
I can almost hear her, a subtle shirring sound
like I think the workings of an old swiss watch would sound,
tiny golden gears and levers and the motion of a tiny pendulum
gliding so softly back and forth.

I can feel the tidal pull of her deep in my body,
like I imagine a pregnancy would feel
in my old woman uterus-less body,
a body that has never felt that urgent pull
of life in a moonful belly, swollen with light,
never holding an amniotic sluiced child
seconds from her rising up, born moonfaced,
howling moonsongs of all animal young.

Moon light is gliding across the water
as easily as Jesus,
what was he thinking, this moon of a Man-God,
to walk across the stormy sea
and reach out to calm
moon pulled waves under his nailed soled feet.

Moon man, man in the moon, but I know she is a woman.
Only a woman walks from window to window
in the middle of the night,
checking on her children and pulling
her light cotton robe around her shoulders,
padding on worn through soled slippers
that make the faintest shirring sound
gliding so softly against the floor.


spring pear 2012

my curiosity is piqued
in this greening season of new
this beginning season seeded in hay fields
and birds nests
where everyone raises their faces
to the warming sun
making plans and lists of things to do

but I feel only
not cloaked in sad grays and cold blues
but with eyes wide to the possibilities
of this shedding dead wood
and indeliberate falling away
into the warm vernal sun

theory of the translation of the moon

April Moon 2014

It is open to interpretation
the translation from the previously
discussed text (pg 371, sec aa;d;h)
when relegated to the standard.

So should the scholar say rain
when it is mist or drizzle or
perhaps not even rain
but the idea of rain.

One could say blue sky
and not mean the sky, or
the study of blue and its
many iterations.

What could one mean
when moon is the subject and the verb
as well as the idea and function
of the geometric denomination
of all things sine and cosine.

Lets consider from ancient texts,
the theory
that the moon
could hold all translations
in its roundness
and golden light
only to leave us moonstruck

pandora’s box

Feb Bluebird

Sometimes, without noticing,
I nudge the lid open
and out spills
those sadnesses, deep and heavy.

Regrets, not so much of things
I didn’t have,
but conduct and words I wish
I had done or not

Small things that I remember,
disappointments I could have changed
into morning glories,

bright blue and heavenly
as the Madonna’s cloak.

***First Sunday of Lent 2019


You are the parable:
the lost lamb, the goat amongst sheep,
a mustard seed, the feast
and the dinner guests,
a fig tree, barren and budding.

All these stories are your story-
the prodigal-
Don’t you remember that time when you fought
and said things you shouldn’t have
and all that stuff was so unforgivable.
But it wasn’t.
And now here you are with a family and children
of your own and you are cherished beyond

Or you are the eldest, the good girl that never
gave them a minutes worry. And you had to welcome
that no good son of bitch back
after he climbed out of the pig sty and cleaned himself up.

But now you know,
’cause you have been the prodigal too.

A parable, a pearl of great price, a seed sown in good soil,
a wise servant, a friend at midnight.
One who was lost
now found.

Lent 2019


Early Spring morning storm clouds

is it irony
this leaving of cold dark winter
into the light of spring
just as he learns of the darkness in his body
and the radiation that will slow its journey
into spring
and his lessened future.

is it mercy
this praying for his life, his light
we have nothing to sacrifice other
than the burnt offering that he will become
under the merciless eye of
the ticking machine
and his lessoned future

love and friendship are our only traveling mercies
as he journeys into the spring of his foreseeable future

Psalm 51:15-17 Lent 2019

A good friend begins his journey. We are walking with him on his path as far as we can. We love him so and ask for mercy.