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12 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Love a poem of yours from your blog post March 18, 2015….seldom used, she shakes the dust from her wings and considers the wind. I saw it when someone posted it on Facebook and after doing a little research found it was from your blog. I just put in a request to follow your blog! I am a mixed media artist doing unique handmade books and would love to use your poem in an artwork so am requesting your permission to do so. Not sure if this is the correct contact but could not find any other contact information for you. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Kathleen, I love your work. I stumbled onto you this morning while searching for a ‘blue sky’ photo. I write a blog called ‘Dementia isn’t funny…caregiver Judith Clarke looks for laughs every day’. My husband’s current obsession is to remark constantly about how blue the sky is…not a cloud in the sky. I would like permission to use both poem and photo in a blog scheduled for 11/16/15. I would give full credit, of course.
    If you would like to see my blog you can visit at
    Thanks very much

    • Thank you so much, Judith. I am happy that you stumbled across my blog – isn’t that how we all find each other 🙂 I am not sure which poem and photo you are requesting but I am happy for you to use both poem and photo and appreciate the request.
      I too am a caregiver – I take care of my Mom full time since June. I look forward to reading your posts.
      Thank you again.

    • Thank you for your gracious request.
      I am honored and would be very happy for you to use Joy for a liturgical reading. It is one of my favorite poems for this time of year and perfect for an Advent reading.
      I would love to know which church and where you are located – Would it be possible to send me a copy of the bulletin?
      Thank you again
      Kathleen G. Everett

  3. Dear Kathleen, I would very much like permission to use your poem in two formats -“glimpse of the pearl” with my writing group this week. It is such a beautiful piece of writing, and a great example of how line breaks, (or not) make all the difference. It will only be circulated within the group of about 10, with full acknowledgement of your authorship and permission, and links to your blog.
    Hoping you will feel ok to agree. I do enjoy following your blog and catching glimpses of your world. Best wishes Cilla

    • Cilla, I am thrilled that you would like to use this poem with your writing group and, yes, you have my permission. Please let me know what the comments are and any critique of the poem. I am always interested to see how readers respond to my work.
      I enjoy reading your blog as well – isn’t it wonderful that we can now meet this way and get to know a little bit about each others lives.
      Thanks, Kathleen

  4. May I use your beautiful words about sea glass and the accompanying photo on my facebook fanpage? I know the beachcombing community would be thrilled to see both lovely works of art.

    • What a lovely compliment – and I would be happy for you to use my poem on your fan page. I can’t give permission for the use of the photo. It is an artist that allowed that photo for use for a poetry community prompt. The link to artist is listed under my poem and I would ask that you contact them directly.
      Thank you for asking and I appreciate it very much. K

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