Octobers Lament

of apples and grace
rain down like colored paper
and autumn leaves
shards of stained glass windows
frame soon to be October sky

from the harbor, I rise
with wild winged geese
in triumphant shouts
of love
and streaming eternity
within our grasp
Wild geese

18 thoughts on “windfalls

  1. I love the ambiguous title, the paper and stained glass windows that suggest colour in your autumn quadrille, Kathleen, and those ‘wild winged geese’ – I want to fly with them too!.

  2. Fall of Auburn Leaves
    oF to:
    in Hot Chocolate
    FL Homecoming First
    Loves/Cold Fronts Under Blanket Breeze
    Chilling Together Humans Warming
    Climate Change
    so many
    Now A
    Way From: Love

  3. Hello agin–your voice has been missed. Terrific shift between stanzas; ever see a documentary called FLIGHT (I think). A photographer in a lighter than air flew with the flocks, then added classical music. Your poem hit me in the same way.

  4. Oh I love you taking me here! It reminds me of Mary Oliver who wrote of geese and all the natural world in Cape Cod. What a wonderful response to “harbor!” So glad you posted to the prompt! The colors, and the feel of autumn arriving.

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