deep magic

I hover between rejoicing and grief
My brothers life is saved.
Cancer defeated with the deep magic
of science and the deep magic of prayer.
He will grow old now, his blood newly
Created and restored.

On my knees,
I rejoice and shout with tears,
Praising the God of creation and healing.

These tears mingle with despair
For our nation, its cancer, metastatically blighting
Families undone.
I am undone from the cries of babies
And grieving mothers clutching their empty arms.

I shout to the God of strangers,
To save those angels we turn away
Inhospitably in our hot deserts,
The infants pulled from their mothers breasts
To crouch on hard hearted floors.

I look for the magic to find the cure,
The deep magic of hope and love.
Save these lives too, I pray.
Restore and re-create the country I once knew
Bring back that deep magic
Of welcome asylum,
That deep magic of sanctuary and home.