when will this madness end

Its all or nothing with you
as I watch you tear down the structures
that have captivated you for so long.
Pulling apart the seams
and rending the fabric
of the garment we have patched
and mended for oh these many years.

It is a changeable time and the east wind has done its work
turning everyones inner world topsy turvy.
How long will this breeze blow and when will the dust settle
to show a clear view of the remnants left
to weave and quilt and patch together
enough to bring us comfort and warmth
on a cold winters day.

1 thought on “when will this madness end

  1. It is lovely to see you posting, my friend. Like you, I cant believe how long this madness is going on. His main aim is to tear apart the fabric of life and all the advances we have so painfully made. And no one stops him. Certifiable madness. It has been less than a year. There is no way we can do four. Will the planet survive him? That is the question. Wondering how things re with you, kiddo. We must catch up.

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