The Moon Makes Me Laugh

November moon
The moon makes me laugh.
Her face pink-gold with exertion
Pushing past the horizon,
Filling the constellations,
To rise in her nights journey.
As she climbs, she prays
in the voice of my mother,
“I see the moon, the moon sees me.
God bless the moon and God bless me.”

The moon makes me laugh.
Her bright face silver with light,
Gracefully easing into space,
Moving in celestial dance.
As she rises, she sings
In the voice of my father,
“Don’t the moon look lonesome,
shining through the trees.
Don’t the moon look lonesome,
when your baby packs up to leave.”
The moon makes me laugh.

From the dark bedroom
My sleepy voiced husband calls,
What are ya’ll doing? Come to bed.
We can’t, I answer.
We have moon sickness.
As the dogs and I moon-bathe,
Naked on the back porch.

*** this is a poem written a long time ago But I thought with the lovely moon this weekend, I would dust it off and share it again.
The lyrics are from
Sent For You Yesterday by William Count Basie, Eddie Durham and James Rushing. Warner Bros Music, publisher.

32 thoughts on “The Moon Makes Me Laugh

  1. The moon was glorious here too ~ I recognize some familiar verses from mom & dad ~ That last verse rocks though – moon bathing looks good to me ~

  2. I love the idea of moonsickness. The moon the other night was beautiful here. I can definitely understand moon-bathing on the porch. I think the moon can have many personalities. I understand how the moon could look sad if one were going through a sad time (when your baby picks up to leave). But it is a good that one can laugh at / with the moon as well. Sometimes I almost think I see it wink. Smiles.

  3. Home run! This is my favorite poem I read all day. Loved the structure that repeats but finally the end, and your private completely natural, and perfect reaction to the moon. I’m sending a big hug and kiss for this gem. Mwah!

  4. smiles…moon sickness…ah, i got it as well…smiles…should have told him to join you…got a little sick too…ha….love the little kids song too…i see the moon…we sing that one too…smiles…she was a beaut the other night…

  5. O I love this.. certainly we should laugh at the moon… and I love those references to your parents. Reminds me of a song in Swedish.. about love in the time of Midsummer…

    It has a line that very freely translates to

    you’re laughing at the pale face of the man in the moon… the joy of summer 🙂

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