paper cranes

Feb morning sky

The path folds into itself,
an origami of leaf mold and gravel.
Its edges drift into stiff hedges of
deep dried grass,
shifting ever so slightly in the spring breeze-
fluttering like paper,
paper cranes,
that fold their wings
and unfurl to fly.

Someone, once, folded a thousand cranes,
a symbol of peace or redemption or grace,
I forget which.
These cranes took flight
and flew with ibis and stork,
heron and egret,
until the fragile paper wings drifted slowly,
into the flame,

All that was left
was an origami of ash,
for me to shovel into the garden
and work into the soil
to feed the roots
and nourish our souls,
with peace or redemption
or grace.

2 thoughts on “paper cranes

  1. I like this a great deal. It has something to tell us that is worth listening to, and imparts that in a quiet careful voice, starting off-scene and finding its subject, very naturally, and then lingering on it. Beautifully done. I hope it gets read by plenty of WordPress readers.

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