board up the rooms and lock the doors

Autumn sky

Those rooms were never mine,
built especially for her,
they are now larger
and more empty
with her absence filling the space.

I understand the impulse
that would cause someone to board up rooms,
lock doors,
leaving whatever ghosts living there
to rest in peace
with dust and memories.

I can no longer stay in her rooms,
the memories are too thick
and they leave no space
to breathe.

5 thoughts on “board up the rooms and lock the doors

  1. Yes, so hard, in those rooms built just for her, and so full of her absence. She loved and lived so well in those rooms, right to the end. A great blessing. It is hard to believe six months has gone by so fast. I can understand the wish for a complete change of venue. But I worry how our ghosts will find us, once we leave our accustomed places?

    • I know – 6 months – seems just last week. The grief now no longer needs triggers to surface – wells up and over whelms with no rhyme or reason. But sitting with it and moving thru it as it occurs. She will always be with us – no matter where we are. I am packing and carrying all those memories with us. Hugs my dear and thank you as always.

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