I will not say

wild roses

I will not say,
This is Tuesday, the day she left,
Two weeks ago.
I will not look at the clock and say,
She breathed her last at 10 til 9,
Two weeks ago.
I will not say that.

I will not say
It was easy
Or hard
Or I was blessed
Or I sacrificed.
I will not say that.

I will not say
There were days I could have been kinder
Or sometimes the frustration chafed
And she knew.
I will not say that I would do it all over again.

It was a choice
Made without enough information or
maybe not well thought out.
This is how I have lived my life-
Making decisions
And just doing it.

Its just what we did,
Each day,
Each conversation, smile and gesture-
Its just what we did.

That I will say.
And remember.

14 thoughts on “I will not say

  1. You are an inspiration. I love and appreciate you so much. Rose was a beautiful person in this world and she did one hell of a job bringing you into it. I’m so luck to have you in my family. ❤️

  2. And you both did it so well, and finely, my friend. It is such an extraordinary journey and we do not emerge unchanged. I, too, have lived my life, making a choice and then “just doing it”. We are Can Do women! I hope you are doing a lot of sitting on your porch, just being, with the sunshine, the bees and butterflies and the water across the street. They will heal you as you slowly recover, my friend.

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