Lenten Prayers

Feb flowers
sweeping the kitchen floor –
the remnants of living –
Ash Wednesday
rushing to work –
contemplation takes a backseat-
smudged forehead
scattered in the last autumn leaves –
flock of small brown sparrows take wing –
Lenten prayers

17 thoughts on “Lenten Prayers

  1. “contemplation takes a backseat” Indeed. And that’s why we need Lent. A reminder to slow down and remove faith obstacles.

  2. Reading this, I felt beautifully set adrift, like the brown sparrows and leaves on the hollow-singing spring wind. I loved this poem– a hymn of quiet regret.

  3. nice…i love the birds in that last as prayers taking wing…and actually it is the first that grabbed me….the sweeping up…finding the eternal in the mundane….wrote on grace’s about a book by brother lawrence…where he finds god in washing the dishes…

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