Now Available – Penelope to Her Husband

Penelope Cover

Do you love fantasy and stories rich in texture? (And really who doesn’t?) Are you charmed by the idea of mythological creatures and hearing the sound of dragon wings in the air?

Well, here is the book for you! Penelope to Her Husband is filled with poems for everyone who dreamed of elves and knights, dragons and hobbits and all things magic. A book of poems opening onto worlds of gods and goddesses, naiads and gnomes, and strange characters dancing in the moonlight.

To order your copy, go to

Or you can purchase them here. If you purchase directly from me, please email , letting me know which volume you wish to purchase. And if you would like me to sign the book, the name of the person I will be signing it for.
Just use these Paypal links ( yes, they are supposed to appear as buttons, but I am hopeless at linking things 🙂 )

In the US:

In Canada:

Outside the US and Canada, it would be best to use Paypal due to the shipping costs.

I am so excited to share these with you – order yours today!

11 thoughts on “Now Available – Penelope to Her Husband

  1. I have a copy of this wonderful and magic poetry collection😊💕 Kathleen has a mystic and unique poetic voice and uses it to her best to share takes and moments of myth and fantasy that is sure to bring a smile to your face and the warmth of sunlight joy to your heart. It’s worth way more than the price!

      • As I am humbled by your kind words as well Kathleen😊 I am also amazed by the emotional and spiritual stirrings that your poetry awakens within me. I truly treasure our friendship and will do what I can to spread knowledge of your poetry to others because I believe in your poetry and you.

  2. This is a bright, warm and treasure filled work. I love it so much I have to stop myself from reading it all the way through so I can savor each delisious morsel!

    Thank you for jumping so high and stretching so deep to bring us such sparkling visions!


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