10 thoughts on “holding on

  1. This poems breaks my heart because I cannot even begin to guess what you must be going through my dear friend. Yet you have handled this situation with love and grace. I agree with you about who will be there to greet her when the time arrives. You have my upmost respect and loyalty as a dear friend Kathleen😊❤️ this is a beautiful and poignant poem. The thing that stands out the most? Your love for your mother, strength of your spirit and the grace in your heart.

  2. So moving, my friend. The idea of her that is left as the body struggles to make its transition. It isn’t like in the movies. You have cared for her so beautifully. I hope that gives you comfort, for you could not have done more. It is always so hard to let go. I remember emerging from the hospital at two a.m. into a world without my mother. I am thinking of you, my friend.

  3. Oh, another wonderful poem. Is she your mom? I now tie a ribbon around my own toothbrush because he thinks it’s his no matter how many colors we try, or different styles of brush.

  4. I am teaching part-time at the Seminary and ate lunch with your brother John. He mentioned that you are attending beautifully to your mom. That comes through powerfully in this poem. My wife has lost both of her parents in the last year, so this touches our hearts. By the way, my course is “Poetry as Spiritual Journey.” Much peace, lou Jobst

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    • Lou, how kind you are to take the time to write. Your words are greatly appreciated and I thank you for your thoughtful reading of my poem.
      My heart goes out to you and your wife – though we know our parents will die – it seems unimaginable all the same. My comfort is knowing the welcome she will receive when she leaves us.
      Thank you again, Kathleen
      *What a wonderful course to teach – I would love a copy of the syllabus.*

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