the angel of circumstantial changes and subsequent emotional recalibration

Twelve Days of Angels Day Two

The years ending is tangled in bindweed-
its filamental arms reaching from summer into winter.
Bound by tangles
of bittersweet and honeysuckle-
I feel it deep in my chest,
the bitter and the sweet,
such days of bliss and anger,
frustration and harmony.
I wish I could remove the bad
and leave the good
but it is all too tangled-
the vines interlaced in my ribs,
rising up my throat
to be released each time I open my mouth-
its tangled in thought
and desire
and responsibility
all too nimble
all too green
all too restricting –

I sharpen my machete.

*** Twelve Days of Angels, Day Nine

4 thoughts on “the angel of circumstantial changes and subsequent emotional recalibration

  1. One of the best titles I’ve read this year! Smiles. The angel in the photo looks like you! I resonate with the many demands of these too-busy days. Let us take ourselves for a walk in the piney-woods, beside a creek, where we can hear only birds calling and the ripple of the water. A soothing machete to tear all those binding vines away.

    • I named it something completely different and a little lame, if you ask me 🙂 Went to bed and suddenly this title sprang into my mind – got up and changed the post, then back to bed! LOL
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family, my friend.

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