the angel of favorite coffee mugs


just as night walks across the meadow
leaving for another sunrise,
and the stars blink and wink,
shuttering their windows
the coffee makers light springs on
and the aroma of hazelnut fills the house,
warm as the bed where you had lain just moments before
small gestures
dark and light
coffee and cream
warmth and comfort
all these things, small epiphanies made manifest
illuminating the morning hour

*** Twelve Days of Angels, Day Five

6 thoughts on “the angel of favorite coffee mugs

  1. your first two lines describe the sunrise beautifully, hard to do with such originality. the poem reminds me of a favorite d. h. lawrence poem. it tells about how poet’s stern father gets up early every morning to build a fire so the room will be warm when his family awakes. i can see something like that in your phrase, “small gestures.” people show love in different ways, however they can.

  2. Kathleen ~ I love this series of “angel grams”!
    My dear friend I wish you & your family a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for sharing your writing ~ I am so thankful for you!

  3. This is an amazing poem, Kathleen! The imagery hits home for me as my moments of morning coffee and small talk with Lee Ann are a welcome staple of my daily life. The metaphor describing the transition between night’s leaving and day’s arrival are beautifully written. In my humble opinion, this poem and the other angel poems you’ve written should be included in your third poetry book when you get a chance to publish one. Which I hope you do.

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