the angel of small, forgotten things

Twelve Days of Angels Day One

I found that thing which had been lost.
Though to be honest,
I hadn’t realized it was lost.
In fact,
I had not thought of it in the least
for …
I have no idea how long.
But there it was-
in all its glory.
The thing that had been lost
or misplaced
or forgotten
was here.
In my hand.
It was now remembered.
A memory attached.
To always be that thing
that had been lost,
now found.

**** The Twelve Angels of Christmas, Day One

3 thoughts on “the angel of small, forgotten things

  1. I enjoyed the nostalgia of this poem. I recently had a similar experience, though not with finding a forgotten object, but in going through my many binders of poetry to choose unpublished poems for my fourth poetry book. I found many forgotten memories from the times I’ve left behind as I move forward down my lifelong road. Some were sad, some were bright and some were special moments frozen in time upon a piece of paper. Really nice poem Kathleen😀

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