benedícimus te

Victorian Angels

benedícimus te
maybe she’s like any
walking the sidewalks
or dusty roads
or the narrow places
pushing a baby carriage
filled with
or broken dolls
or aluminum cans
she picked up on busy streets
where no one saw her
as they pushed
past the rushing wings
of sparrows
and angels
as she made her way
to the manger

*** This was written to remind myself to be aware of those around me and to always look for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

6 thoughts on “benedícimus te

  1. Definitely food for thought….. It seems more often it’s the things we rush past and fail to notice more so than the things we do. In the long run, I hope they all even out for surely I have missed so many hearts needing attention in my life. I often wonder if I might have given the blessed Virgin shelter or could have made her journey any the easier, or if I too would have rushed past without seeing – and without caring. “Advent” is a word used to describe the arrival of an exceptional person or thing – and I think Christ used his life – and death – to teach us that there is truly no such thing. “Whatsoever you do unto the least of your brothers, so you do unto me.” We are all special, all exceptional. Your poem is a very touching, gentle, beautiful reminder of that. Thank you… and I hope to send my best wishes – and blessings to you this season.

    ut benedicat tibi Deus
    May God Bless you…….

  2. First, I LOVE your Christmas angels. Beautiful!!!!! I also love very much the idea of the woman “pushing a baby carriage filled with dreams”. Love the “rushing wings of sparrows”…..nice to see beyond the looking, kiddo, which you describe so well.

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