Angel of the Rusty Halo

Halo a bit rusted
and askew, she stands hesitant
at the garden gate.
Bright eyes watch from the cedar bough,
winged creatures lift their voices
in celestial song.
Unannounced, she appears on the doorstep,
somewhat disheveled
and wings in disarray.
With her
a note that reads,
‘Fear not’.

11 thoughts on “unannounced

  1. Hi Kathleen! What an awesome poem! It makes me feel like I might make it into Heaven after all. ( though I’m a Christian I still have doubts about my worthiness to be allowed into Heaven and how I managed to become His child. I still stumble occasionally. I do know that I am incredibly blessed because God and Jesus are in my life, my heart and my soul) your poem gives me strength to keep hope within my heart and soul and mind. This is one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever read by anyone. You truly have a special gift my poetic friend. You should be really pleased with this poem, it will touch many hearts.❤️

    • So happy you were touched by this poem. Keith. I am always glad when something I write strikes a chord with readers. And as far as the Deity is concerned, I feel as God is working pretty hard to have relationship with us and our worthiness is not part of the equation. smiles, your friend, K

      • Thank you for your comment Kathleen, especially the last sentence. I still have self esteem issues sometimes that were created by my childhood of living in foster homes. Some scars run soul deep and are the hardest to overcome. My poetry though is my power to overcome, and my God given gift to share with as many as I can reach. I believe that as poets it’s our God given request to share this gift with all who will listen. Poets like you and I offer hope. We also offer the lessons of hindsight and the images of the magic all around us, if we would just take a moment to look. We offer that look. Poetry is a creative gift that I’m really blessed and glad to have. I’m looking forward to your next magical poem.
        Smile for you my friend.

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