My Two New Chapbooks are Here!

2015 Books


I am happy to announce that I have two new chapbooks available from Everdale Publishing through

The first is a compilation of my December poems for the seasons of Advent, Christmas and the winter solstice, Festival of Lessons and Carols. A perfect gift for friends and family. Or for when you have those quiet moments to reflect on this wonderful time of year.

The second book is Penelope to Her Husband, Poems of Myth and Fantasy, a retelling of myths, faerie tales, fables, with old and new characters that I hope will charm you.

These are available at

Or you can purchase them here. If you purchase directly from me, please email , letting me know which volume you wish to purchase. And if you would like me to sign the book, the name of the person I will be signing it for.
Just use these Paypal links ( yes, they are supposed to appear as buttons, but I am hopeless at linking things 🙂 )

In the US:

In Canada:

Outside the US and Canada, it would be best to use Paypal due to the shipping costs.

I am so excited to share these with you – thanks!

8 thoughts on “My Two New Chapbooks are Here!

    • Hi Linda – thanks – isn’t it always wonderful to see one’s work out in the world. A chapbook is a small volume of poetry – usually around 20 poems, sometimes with an over-all theme. Not sure why they are called chapbooks – I know that chapbooks were once cheap mimeographed, sometimes very home-made, books.
      Thanks and best of luck with your new book! K

  1. WOW! You are Getting Stuff Done! This is thrilling news and I am happy lulu worked out for you – they’re great. These both look completely enticing. Wonderful accomplishment, my friend. You inspire me. I will get moving!

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