Song of Autumn

Nov Fog

Pale and threaded,
the needles nest in rough patches
releasing the scent, resinous
of pine forests
and her true home.

Tall trees stand
in her dreams, waking
and sleeping. I brush
the leaves from her hair.

Gathering fog,
I nest my heart in clouds,
its hollow sound echoing
with the song of autumn
and loss.

7 thoughts on “Song of Autumn

  1. Awesome poem! Great imagery and it brings back memories for me of a time long ago when I was a seventeen year old just beginning to write poetry. There was this little trail that ended with this large flat topped boulder in the middle of the woods that I used to sit on and write often. Thank you for this poem of yours that brought these memories back out.

      • You’re welcome Kathleen. I appreciate you following my blog, too. I personally think you are one of the best poets that I’ve read. I’ve read quite a few in my day, too. The manner with which you use your metaphor to describe nature and your love of it is simply beautiful for me to read. I’m basically a speculative free verse poet who uses elements of fantasy, romance( when the poem is a romantic one) nature and magic (as in the magic of the world around us if we would only take some time to stop and look) and my child like sense of wonder about it all. You seem to have a unique voice when it comes to your natural surroundings and the sight with which you see it. I’m glad that I followed you. You are pleasant read.

      • Thank you, Keith. I have been writing for a very long time but mostly for my own need to express those things we poets need to express 🙂 It is a bit overwhelming to hear those kind words and I thank you for telling me. The Ozarks region has been my Muse for 25 years now. I have lived in TX, NJ, CO, many beautiful parts of the country, but none more beautiful than the Ozarks. So I am happy that the love I have for this rugged landscape finds its way to the readers of my poetry. Thank you again for finding my blog and following – it is a bit like a needle in a very large haystack. Have a lovely evening, K

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