Copper Beeches

Copper Beeches

It is believed that one may get rid of bad luck by dropping a copper penny on the ground. The bad luck will go with the coin and be acquired by the next person to pick it up

Its not the copper in the veins of the land but the hand that holds the redeeming cents since it no longer scents the air with that just before lightning smell, ozone fired kiln of oxygen/ hydrogen/ carbon, sweating against the blue of the sky, the taste of blood on the tongue.

Put the pennies over my eyes and let me rest.

The coins feel cold against my palm,
Their tarnished light gleams silver
And gold on pale skin,
Heaviness pulls me down
Until all I can do is hold
The thought of you
Against my breast
And weep.

The leaves turn to yellow and gold
Falling into the silvered season.
Copper beeches drift in the north wind,
Drawing the sound of autumn with it,
Casting golden coins before the fall.


5 thoughts on “Copper Beeches

  1. This is very lovely…..and especially poignant, the lines “Until all I can do is hold the thought of you against my breast and weep.” An intrinsic sadness at the turning of the seasons of life.

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